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Just imagine going through one of the worst 2 years of your life… everything from medical issues to finding out that your child has a congenital heart defect. Then unexpectedly, your father-in-law passes away… 6 months after your mother-in-law had lost her last living parent. So, being a good spouse you want to give your husband a chance to rest up. You take his cell phone to field messages and phone calls and upon doing so you come across the Facebook profile of a co-worker you have never heard of or met. You notice that he has liked every single picture that has her breasts falling out of her shirt along with some of her child and a few quotes that would be appropriate if he was single. Early that month, he had mentioned divorce to you but took it back… your 5 year wedding anniversary is in 2 days. You had asked him right before Halloween if there was another woman and he swore it was just you and only you Forever and Always. Things were looking so good for the two of you so when you ask about “Janelle at work”, he replies with “She is just a friend, someone I talk to”. It doesn’t sit well so you turn to your best friend and his partner at work. He doesn’t know her very well but says she does work there and not to get all crazy it may not be what you are thinking. So you friend request her because she is “just a friend” right? WRONG! Turns out, she was more than a friend. She was someone that he had an attraction to and she in return had feelings for as well. They had been having inappropriate conversations both while he worked and while he was at home with me and our children. He had met with her twice after work in a bar parking lot (in uniform that if seen by administration would have cost him his job) to make-out and feel all over her ass and hips. She aroused him and he had discussed having sex, going as far to share that he does have a communicable STD. She swore she didn’t want to be a homewrecker or ruin any lives. That she always brought up my marriage to him; yet when asked why she didn’t knee him in the groin when he went to kiss her the first time she really had no good answer. Or why pursue him in that way at all knowing he was married regardless of him saying anything about divorce or no attraction to me… he was NOT available to her. Come to find out this wasn’t her first time dealing in the world of men that were not available to her. At 19 she became pregnant with a committed man’s child who made it clear she was nothing but a “[email protected]*e” and he was not interested in a baby that “wasn’t his” so she placed the child for adoption as she already had a child from a pregnancy at age 15. Now, I am all for adoption but now this woman wants to be a ROLE MODEL for other women who may be looking to be birth mothers or place their babies for adoption when it appears that she just really likes to go out of her way to score men who already have home lives, wives, and families. WHAT KIND OF ROLE MODEL IS THAT? Then, when she found out that my husband was not leaving me and we were working things out regardless of any “feelings she thought they might have had”; she quickly whipped right on over to his co-worker and MY BEST FRIEND who is also like my twin brother and proceeded to try and get him to date her in secret behind our backs. CAN WE SAY SCANDALOUS? This young woman Janelle Foster now works not only in the same place as my spouse but also in a local bar around many more men who have wives, girlfriends, and lives. I believe that she has such a low self-esteem and is so desperate for a man to “take care of her” that she will attempt to take anyone or anything that comes her way that has a good job, nice car, nice house, and the means to pay for her and her child. She wanted to play the victim card in my situation with my spouse but she isn’t a victim… she KNEW WHAT SHE WAS DOING… she is a HOMEWRECKER… she does RUIN LIVES. She needs to grow up and learn to stand on her own two feet in a way that she can obtain a SINGLE, AVAILABLE man that will love her and her child the way she deserves without needing to have her boobs hanging out of every shirt she owns. KOKOMO WIVES AND GIRLFRIENDS KEEP AN EYE ON YOUR SPOUSES!!!

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