Jane Caroll, Massachusetts


Homewrecker slept with my husband – Jane Caroll pursued my husband while she knew he was married , continued to tell him how much she liked him , made sexually suggestive comments to him, and then slept with him, twice. after that , my husband told her it was wrong and tried to break it off with her and she “didn’t understand ” . Kept asking when my husband was going to leave and why was it so hard for my husband to leave his family and be with her.? We have two small children , she didn’t care. She continued to only care about herself and beg my husband to see and hang out with her. She is a pathetic, attention seeking , w****, and is bat a** crazy . it’s no surprise she is still single at 40.She works at the YMCA in west newton as the fitness director so be aware ladies , she doesn’t care if your husband is married.

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