Jana Martin – Trying to use that vag up before menopause Massachusetts


This unstable scuzzy clam is a complete waste of life. “Single mom, hard working, divorcee” who cant keep her knees together. She met my husband at his place of employment at the time and played the victim card. She paid him to do a consult for her and decided she wanted more. She did everything in her power to maintain in contact with him after the fact and slowly turned it into what she called “a two year relationship”. Knowing full well he was in a long term relationship with children and all. It didnt stop her. She was proud to be the side b1tch!! She admitted she was the side b1tch as she cried all over social media for weeks when they “broke up”. All over a facebook post he made about he and i getting married. *i refer to him as my husband because we have been together 15 years. * She sent him sleezy pictures and talked to him in ways that would make a hooker blush. All while she knew about me and knew i didnt obviously know about her. She had saved screen shots of pictures he sent her and texts and used that as leverage to keep him around. When i found out the two of them concocted a bullshit story that she couldnt keep straight. She thinks she is slick but she is not. I met up with her and she spilled everything and didnt hesitate to hand her phone over so i could see their texts. She then got mad at me when i didnt walk away. She wanted to get caught she was sick of being the side b1tch. This grown 45 year old woman who injected herself into the life of an involved man who was 10 years younger than her then went off the deep end attempting to emotionally distroy ME because i didnt leave and he didn’t leave me for her. Delusionally she thought he was going to come back to her after i found out and leave me. Actually he was so relieved to be out from under her vindictive, manipulating, psychotic thumb he was happier, slept better his levels of anxiety were down. If this woman is around your significant other get her away as quickly as possible. I have never met a lower form of life ever I feel sorry for her children that she’s dragging different men in and out of her house constantly.

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By Ronald

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