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I first met my now ex at a Halloween party back in 2011. We were inseparable the whole night. We stayed up until the sun came up just talking about everything. I felt like I had known him all my life. It was amazing. My family liked him, my daughter who isn’t his became attached to him, and everything seemed perfect. Fast forward to a few weeks ago. My ex is really into paranormal things. He likes to investigate haunted places. He even made a Facebook page for other people who share the same interest. Then he friended this whore on Facebook and invited her to like the page. She commented on one of the old posts asking him to”investigate” her home. Well, I saw it and insisted I went with. He went without me. We got into a huge argument about it and he then ditched the next night to go over there and hang out with her, and that’s when he cheated on me (ha he probably f**ked her the night before too.) || After that things just changed. I knew he was different, I knew that something was wrong. I had to beg him for sex on our anniversary and a couple of other occasions, he refused head, and he was just very short and mean to me. I always asked him if everything was okay, and he always said yes he loves me everything was fine he was just tired from work. Then out of the clear blue sky, he leaves me in a f**king text message. Three years gone in one text. || Now they’re in a relationship one week later. This girl, I’ve heard she’s a literal prostitute. She drugs men and steals their money. She never leaves her house. There are no tagged photos of her and any friends on Facebook. It’s just so odd. In the attached photos, I included her saying that her grandmother fell in love with her grandfather when he was married to someone else. So you come from a long line of homewerckers in your family, huh slut?? Yeah no one likes me on his side because he puts up a facade of what a”good person” he is. I blame them both. He let my daughter become attached, he lied to my friends about wanting to get married to me, he lied to me about this perfect life we were supposed to have, and he has countless times made me look like an asshole to my family. I’ve included pictures of both of them. And his text. And what she said to me on my Facebook. Low life scum.

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