Jamie Lynn Filyaw Madisonville, Tennessee Tennessee


Me and my husband were married for 30+ years, He never ever cheated on me for all those years! UNTIL this little homewrecker came along, that is! They started sneaking around at work and one day without warning he was GONE. No explanation or anything! The sad part is this girl (Jamie) used to stay with us a lot when she was just a small child. I was very good friends with this girl and her mother. || This girl is barely 30… my husband is 50! He has left me for this skank. I find myself deeply depressed because being with him is all I’ve ever known. I just can’t believe he has left me alone like this and this girl that was suppose to be my FRIEND is doing me like this. I was always a housewife and my husband provided the living and now I just kind of feel lost. This girl has no shame. She just wants him to take care of her and she doesn’t care who gets hurt. She should be ashamed! || I have started to work and am trying to pick up and move on…it’s so hard. But I just want to let everyone else know to beware of this HOME WRECKER!

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By Ronald

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