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I thought long and hard about posting this but if I can save one family from being torn apart from this woman, I feel this is worth it. My husband and I have been together for 15 years and last year we decided to try to have a baby. It took us months to get pregnant which was disappointing and stressful to say the least. Our communication broke down and that’s when this woman stepped in. || She’s in her 40’s, never been married, never had kids and parties 24/7. She doesn’t have many friends. She works with my husband and has slept with over 3 people in that company that I know of. We’ve had dinner together and fixed her car so she was fully aware we are married and starting our family. My husband and I finally got pregnant in December of last year but the damage was already done. She would call and text him all the time and capitalize on his vulnerability. My husband is a good man but he’s in his 20’s and was scared of having his first child. This woman took advantage of him and convinced him to move out when I was 3 months pregnant. || Needless to say I was devastated that my husband I’ve known for 16 years left me when I was pregnant. I could have had a miscarriage when I found out about the affair. She has never apologized or even spoken to me after I found out. Although my husband and her are no longer together, she is still out there sleeping with married men. How could a woman who knew this married man had a pregnant wife, steal him away from her and sleep at night? My child will never have the best possible relationship with their father because of this woman. She not only ruined my life but took away my child’s father. This needs to be public knowledge. Beware of this whore.

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