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I suppose it’s conceivable that Jami thought since Rob had already cheated once … the marriage was already doomed. The first time (that I knew about) was with Denise”Pookie” Pierce. I was devastated. Rob and I had our economical strife that were greatly influencing our serenity but who didn’t in the years 2009 and on when the economy dwindled and deposit slips stayed in the bank drawer unused. || We owned a business catered to the housing market and took a deep hit. Denise is a real estate agent and one that had been known as a trainwrecker of a gal- relationship wise. She had, without success, already broken up two other marraiges. Brian Deardon’s wife didn’t see it coming either. Unfortunate for Denise – none of these men lasted more than a couple of years at best before moving on without her in their lives. || During Rob’s affair with Denise and when we evidentially separated and he filed for divorce, Denise knew all about my efforts to save the marriage. She ridiculed and mocked me; downright demanded that Rob”put his foot on my throat and choke me out” of the marriage assets which included the business we jointly owned.During the first of the divorce proceedings I went several months without a dime and Denise even demanded he not help me when my electricity was shut off. In the desert (Palm Springs) that’s not a good thing. || Spin forward a couple of lip wrinkles and way too many Absolute Vodka bottles and I was coming out of the poor me fog and back into reality with some self esteem rekindled. I decided to fight even harder for my marriage and all that implies and won. Or did I? I was asked and moved back”home” with Rob and my son on October 31st , 2012. It was obvious from the start that Rob had something going on either emotionally or monetarily that distanced himself from me other than work routine during the day. Each night he drank in excess and was verbally abusive while maintaining a off the chart sex routine in bed later. || I was so confused that logical thought evaded me. Each day was spent just trying to get through the drama and fueled by wishful and hopeful thoughts that this must be the aftermath of an affair and that soon things would change. The Valley here is small and people comingle like fish in the sea. If you don’t know so and so then you likely heard of so and so and on it goes. || At baseball games for our son a Jami Orth Range would attend with her three girls as one was dating a good friend of my sons who also played on the baseball team. I am especially devoted to work and the games were often before the workday was complete so Rob would attend. Also too, I was dealing with a tremendous amount of shame and embarrassment whether self imposed or not, and had difficulty going to the grocery store let alone a high school baseball game wherein other mothers would send their knowing looks my way. They began an affair. Exactly when I’m unsure. My extensive investigation points to December of 2012. || Not knowing is an awful thing. I didn’t know about Denise when others did. I didn’t know about this gal while others did. Was I an idiot? How could this be possible that the man I loved and struggled with and for could betray me in all my devotion not once but twice? How could he be so sexually active daily with me and possibly find interest in anyone else? Surely my gut feelings must be wrong. But I’d learned that distrusting your own instincts is futile and will only lead to self defeat. So I moved out again just”knowing” without knowing. || Girlfriend number one called a month later and filled me in. How sweet of her. Jami Orth Range had been seeing my husband after her own marriage failed and knew all about me, Denise and the entire drama. She knew I had moved back home. She knew of the struggles as she was close friend of a key player who manipulated and orchestrated the entire affair through introduction. Her name is Allondra Celli and she was the only one I had confided details of my life with unknowing that she was both communicating with Denise but also with Rob and this new gal : Jami. I was played like a broken violin. Jami had never worked a day in her life in the private business sector. She had been a stay at home mom and for three girls that in and of itself was demanding enough. This I understood. What I didn’t and won’t accept is her stalking another womans man to sustain the lifestyle she was used to. I wont accept her laziness at the necessary call for re- invention that other women are forced to step up to the plate and summond in that same scenario. Who gave her the home wrecker trump card anyway? How dare her ! || Now this Jami Orth Range is living with Rob with her daughters. She could and did bring to the table credit cards and has financed dirt bike toys and two trucks for the business. She was left with assets from the first marriage and since the economy had taken a huge toll on Rob’s ability to have capitol for the business she used her assets like a worm on the hook for a fish. Surely she knows this will never work for her. Once a cheater of this magnitude – it’s only a matter of time before Karma spins and dances with Fate at the pay back ball and both she and Rob are single again. || Who got hurt? I for certain. Our kids are absolutely part of the hurt. The betrayal from Rob is so heinous that I can’t imagine ever trusting the same again. We still own the business together and I try hard to not dwell and keep professional towards him. But, after all, I was his wife so long it’s easy to fall into that role even at work out of habit. It really is a Post Traumatic Stress Experience I am living through and in each day. I see her as a homewrecker but also struggle with the idea just now that she did me a favor in the long run. Now as he asks me for sex during the workweek and/or even after I am left to curiously realize” I’m the (other) woman.” || Moving on without the dream of marriage and unconditional love I harbored so deeply deflates the very core of me and at times I feel so hollow I’ve been dreadfully depressed. Some weekends I just don’t even get out of bed or worse – can’t. My heart has been broken beyond repair. Even if I were to entertain looking for new love -I fear that I can’t lend the support a new relationship would demand. || It’s as if my whole life was a silly dream and I was just play acting. Surely that is what Rob felt. For me it was real. I loved him, struggled with him through life’s dramas, raised children, built a business, tasted success, felt defeat. For me, those things, decades later- just established a firmer resolve and dedication. Obviously for Rob they created an escape plan – a diabolical plot geared only towards ending the relationship. As he slept with me the night before I left as husband and together we had next to no sleep for all the lovemaking- I look back and wonder” Why the hell didn’t he just tell me?” It would have been kinder- but then, there is nothing kind about lying, cheating and betraying the one you’ve sworn your dedication to before God is there?

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