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First I’d like to say how sick it is to see Sad People, who are so miserable, that they ruin other people’s lives. This all started the saddest part, in a (wait for it)…CHURCH CAMP! This thing here cried to my husband about her dad dying… Like that’s his problem. Then asked for his number. While YOUTH KIDS, that were brought to get closer to GOD were praying in the ALTER!! How unethical is this desperate piece of Crap! || Now my husband has asked for a divorce. Leaving his 5yr old Daughter and our 6yrs of marriage for this trailer trash piece of crap! May the wrath of God come down on her till she’s dead and rotting in Hell! This whore works with kids and teens as a mentor to them inside a church there in Odessa. (removed) I believe..Some grand leader she is. LEADER? NA. HOMEWRECKER? ABSOLUTELY! Maybe not such a good idea for old camp flings to reunite…especially at CHURCH CAMP!!

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By Ronald

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