Jamey Lewandowski – Savannah, Georgia Georgia


This crazy bleach-blond douche-bag pony thought it was okay to take advantage of a newly separated husband (2 weeks after being together 8 years), but she forgot she was a terrible mother who lost two kids as wards of the state, she’s crazy, and she is a convict/inmate. Long story short, she unfortunately believed she was worth more than she was. This woman will always be treated poorly, will always have extreme drama, and will never have true love in her life. She is full of shit; always pretending to have learned from her past mistakes but constantly being arrested for the same thing. I feel bad for her daughter, and so does my husband. He was in a terrible place, and she thought he really loved her… Her cunt was nasty, super stretched from three kids, yet she only had custody of one. Sure to lose that one soon enough. What kind of woman thinks it will ever work out as a rebound? The stupid, ugly kind. And it didn’t, hahahahahaha.

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By Ronald

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