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A few months ago my husband of 11 years left his phone in my car. So i picked it up and it started ringing it was a girl. Well of course she flipped out so I flipped. I went through the phone and he had messages back and forth like somebody got into a fight and they were breaking up. I asked him about it and he played it off, saying his friend used his phone. No I am not stupid but after 11 years I can’t picture life without my husband. So I pushed it back in my mind and carried on with life. One day I got on his KIK account and sure enough she thought I was him. She states she won’t leave him because they have something. Like for real what do you have, your a booty call nothing more. He starts acting like I’m crazy. She starts using phone apps to reach him and starts drama 101. Having children and being married for so long I tried to think that he attempted something and he learned his lesson. Well I should win the award for dumbest wife. Yesterday I found her twitter account if pictures of them together, cuddling and the whole 9. BUSTED. But still he thinks I was born yesterday and claims nothing happened. Wish I could believe him but when your shirt is off and you in the bed with her, sorry I am not that dumb. So yes this girl ruined a 11 year marriage and the lives of 6 kids. Can you say HOMEWRECKER!

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