James Scott, manager of Satellite Healthcare of Capitola, California .


A few months ago Alicia was stupid enough to get caught posting about Sheila Jane Balista cheating on her husband with Jamie Scott. The sad and pathetic thing was that she attempted to pass as a Filipina woman only to expose her name under the paragraph she posted. The truth is that it is way more pathetic and sad that all of Sheila’s posse and Sheila herself (under anonymity) posted all of Alicia’s personal life. Information that only could have come from her lover Jamie.
I personally find it offensive that all the women ganged up and attacked her moral values, her character, her position at work, and even her physical appearance including the fact that she lost all her hair after enduring what was probably the most challenging and painful experience of her life. Some even criticized her and made some harsh remarks about her previous relationships. Now, did she deserve this treatment ? Probably so, but not for having attempted to expose Sheila , but for not pointing fingers at the right person. James Scott himself . The one comment that really struck a cord in the deepest recesses of my soul was that of the idiot who went as far as to criticize her innocent child who has severe mental illness. How sadistic can a person be when the kid is probably the one who ended up suffering the most .
For this reason, and the fact that I too fell victim to a scumbag cheater I decided to express my opinion.
First of all, I don’t get why Alicia accused Sheila of being the “home wrecker”. How about James Scott. Wasn’t he the coward, deceitful, schmuck that committed the despicable act of betrayal and cheating? I don’t understand how Alicia didn’t see this coming. She, as well as many of his coworkers, knew about his not so secret dirty low life as a drug addict. I too, knew that he got fired from Community Hospital in Monterey for diverting IV and oral narcotics from his patients for his ….. own personal use. Plainly stated, stealing drugs from his patients to get high. This act alone speaks volumes about his moral character and the low caliber of this sociopathic creep. Under the veil of sweet, friendly, passive, and shy demeanor hides an insecure, anxious, egotistical sleazebag . Like most raging drug addicts and cheaters knows nothing about compassion for other people’s feelings but his own. His only mode of operation is instant gratification at whatever expense. Sheila just happened to be horney and ready to engage in a romantic affair with him. I have no doubt that if it hadn’t been Sheila he cheats with, it would have been anybody else. This is the swine nature of people like James. So tell me now, whose moral character is in question here.
Cheaters need to be unmasked for what they really are so the next imbecile who falls for their lies and deceit can make a choice to either run from these scumbags before they get hurt.

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By Ronald

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