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Do you really want to know how Jim Rempel of Landmark realty in Abbotfords, BC gets ahead and look sucessfull? He does it by stepping on the back of the fingers of the Costa Rica locals, by denying them their rights under the Costa Rica labor laws. He also cheats his property mangers out of thousands a year. This I know for fact. I managed Pueblo Colonial for 3 years. I adveraged 11 hour days in 95 degree heat for $1.87 hr. I spent thousands on my own to upgrade for his place only to be cheated by him and his wife Gwen. Also was promsied pay increases that never happened, Gwen looked me right in the face and told me my job was secure, only to be fired 2 months later. His supervisor Stephan rountinely degraded me by calling me stupid,dumb and slow. With vactions were in our contract he said the were “bullshit”” we not intitled to them. Example:Bryan an 18 year old gardner for two years

needed help when his 14 yr girlfiend was pregante. He needed a new job to support the 3 of them he had 2 months pay coming his way (rule of Costa Rica employment) about $400 if he wanted to leave. When he did request to leave

and get his pay

Jim fired him and said that he was trying to take advantage of (Jim) So Jim left him with no job

no severnce pay

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By Ronald

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