James Gerald Perry Northridge California Review


This guy James Gerald Perry aka Badnewz, is selling his Continental onepass acct with 180k miles on it. After I sent the payment by depositing the money to his bank account he denied getting the money yet, he sent creen shot of this bank acct with no money on it. But when i personally went to the bank to verify if the money went thru on his acct, the bank verified that it deposited and ALREADY WITHDRAWN! after this he never answered back. nI contacted this guy so many times to return my money to avoid problem, but never answer back, Now I am filing a small claims against this guy. nthis guy has a facebook acct under JAMES BADNEWZ PERRY or facebook.com/therealbadnewz. nThis guy is an aspiring artist/musician/rapper/composer. I hope someday you doesn’t get famous because i will come out in the media and detroy him!

714 Sparrow way Texas City, Texas United States of America


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By Ronald

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