James David Combs J.D. cheating on his future FOURTH wife! Kentucky


James David Combs or J.D. comes from Nicholasville, Kentucky, USA. He has been married twice legally before and even committed bigamy by getting married to a 3rd woman while still being married to his 2nd wife. Now he is engaged to a woman named Cassandra Pettyjohn aka Cassie Pettyjohn, who he is cheating on! He has been messaging multiple different women and sending them naked pictures of himself and d1ck pics, even camming with them, sexting, having phone sex and more. He has ruined the lives of many people; his first wife and him lost custody of their son because they broke up because of his cheating. He lost custody of his daughter from his 2nd wife since she left him for cheating! And he wants more kids with the lady he is cheating on! They are set to be married in 2020 and Cassandra has been made aware of his cheating and is still going ahead with the wedding! But once this blows up in his face like every marriage of his does, ladies stay away from this man he says he is always depressed and neglected and is suicidal when he doesn’t get his way, even used to catfish people as a young 14 year old girl when he was well into his 20s. He is sick in the head and everyone needs to stay away from him for their own good. He can’t even hold down a job longer than a few months, currently living with his fiancee’s parents house sleeping on the floor! He is a bum and will never be anything more. Keep your eyes open.

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By Ronald

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