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Every person is willing and can develop, organize and oversee a business drift along with any of its possibilities to build a dividend. This is simply entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship sometimes becomes a failure due to different reasons. The common reasons for business/entrepreneurship failure are due to lack of enough capital or proper planning. The entrepreneurs have tried to put all their efforts to avoid inadvertency in their business.

Luckily some successful entrepreneurs motivate the first time or the failing entrepreneurs. These are the business advisors or motivational speakers. Through their business tactics and ideas, businessmen and women have benefited by achieving their business goals. Unfortunately, some of these motivational speakers have found a business opportunity to traffic their ideas. They use their success fame to mislead the upcoming entrepreneurs. They have websites, blogs, and podcasts to sell their non-actionable ideas.

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James Altucher is one of these scammers and cons. He is known for his success in entrepreneurship. Out of his fame, he has come up with his websites, podcasts, and blogs to traffic his non-actionable skills. I along with other people have followed and implemented his advice that ended up being a failure. I so much regret and curse the day I heard about this guy. If you are thinking of trying James Altucher’s business ideas you should change your mind after reading this article. I want to keep my fellow entrepreneurs aware of this fraud.

Who is James Altucher


James Altucher is a well-known American entrepreneur, hedge fund manager, angel investor, writer, blogger, chess master, venture capitalist, business motivational speaker, and podcaster. He is a 51 years old male born in the United States on January 22, 1968. James Altucher is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and initiator of StockPickr LLC.

Background & History

James Altucher Background

It is noteworthy to know more about this guy. In 1989 James Altucher graduated with a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Cornell University. He secured his first job at Home Box Office (HBO) in the Information Technology (IT) department. He later left HBO in 1998 and auctioned his company known as reset.Inc at about $10 million. James Altucher used the revenue to capitalize on a new electronic highway expenditure.

Altucher began his interval with about $15 million which he lost just in 2 years. What a failure? This led him to redescribe the approach to entrepreneurship and his life. Later he was hired at TheStreet.com by the owner Jim Crammer to write about stocks. Later James Altucher started merchandising for the hedge funds. He merchandised for some hedge funds between 2002 and 2006. In 2006 James Altucher established a commercial public network known as StockPickr LLC. 

In August 2015 James Altucher started a contemporary podcast in the company of Stephen Dubner (joint-author of “Freakonomics”). In May 2013 James Altucher raised a shop to traffic his book known as “Choose Yourself”. He condemned bitcoin as a scam, worse, fad or Ponzi scheme before writing his book “Choose Yourself”. He reversed his attitude towards the bitcoin. He advertised himself on cryptocurrency investment in the year 2017.

James Altucher has smart entrepreneurship ideas but they do not work out for other entrepreneurs. He has previously established and cofounded other extra 20 companies where 17 of them collapsed. As a writer, James Altucher has penned down other books like “Trade like Warren Buffett”, “Hedge fund” and “Superca$h. The books have smart business ideas but they are just imaginations that cannot be a reality.

His Books and the Year of Publishing

James Altucher is a resourceful writer although his theories are ponderous to be applied. His books are full of imaginary concepts that cannot work in the business. The following are some of the books he has penned down from the most popular:

  • Be Happy, Make Millions, Live the Dream (the year 2013)
  • Reinvent Yourself (the year 2017)
  • The Choose Yourself Guide to Wealth (the year 2015)
  • The Power of No (the year 2014)
  • The Rich Employee (the year 2015)
  • 40 Alternatives to College (the year 2012)
  • The Power of No: Because One Little Word Can Bring Health, Abundance, and Happiness (the year 2014)
  • FAQ ME (the year 2012)
  • The Choose Yourself Stories (the year 2014)
  • Trade Live a Hedge Fund: 20 Successful Uncorrelated Strategies and Techniques to Winning Profits (the year 2004)
  • The Forever Portfolio: How to Pick Stocks That You Can Hold for the Long Run (the year 2008)
  • Trade Like Warren Buffett (the year 2005)
  • The Wall Street Journal Guide to Investing in the Apocalypse: Make Money by Seeing Opportunity Where Others See Peril (the year 2011)
  • The Altucher Confidential Ideas for a World out of Balance (the year 2013)
  • My Daddy Owns all of Space (the year 2016)
  • SuperCash: The New Hedge Fund Capitalism (the year 2006)
  • The Power of Ask: Ask for What You Want, Get What You Want (the year 2016)
  • The Altucher Confidential: Ideas for a World out of Balance, A Round Table Comic (the year 2011)

Some of His Podcasts

James Altucher has a collection of podcasts in which he talks about entrepreneurship, other people’s success, and more importantly his life and success. Some of his podcasts on Google include:

  • Product hunt entrepreneurship lessons from a blazing success story (EP 369 in 2015)
  • The best-kept secret in “America” (EP 368 in 2015)
  • Altucher interviews Altucher (EP 367 in 2015)
  • James needs a therapist for his public speaking (EP 366 in 2015)
  • Chris Brogan- What’s the real value of podcasting (EP 365 in 2015)
  • The art of fiction with screenwriter, Brian Koppelman, part 2 (EP 364 2015)
  • Should I quit college and pursue my passion? (EP 362 in 2015).

My Experience With Mr. Altucher

How James Altucher Discontented Me

I subscribed to his James Altucher Report and Newsletter program but what I got was a million miles away from what I expected. 

My friend shared with me a link to a post on James Altucher’s website. The post was written, “Everyone is an entrepreneur-No Excuse“. On this, he said that “An entrepreneur does not take risks” and the entire entrepreneurship is to reduce the risks to avoid business failure. To me, this post was so interesting because I had tried to start businesses but they ended up collapsing. He said that he managed to make $90,000 in a month at the start of his company the StockPickr.com.

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At the end of all those stories, there is a part where he says that his ideas are a world out of balance. Here he says that his goal is delivering a fresh perspective and something to help me make distinguish of chaos. This information is so interesting and every entrepreneur wants to hear this. So I submitted my email address to subscribe to his confidential (Altucher confidential) newsletter. I was looking forward to getting a profusion of actionable ideas for successful entrepreneurship. I thought this was an affiliate network but woe to me that was an absurdity.


Immediately after submitting my email address, I received an email with some subscription plans. The mail encouraged me to choose the annual plan. So without hesitation, I subscribed for a year plan at a $55 fee for the Altucher report, newsletter, and podcast which has a series of 6 videos. On subscribing I was flabbergasted to receive a thread of long and useless emails containing his life stories, success, and nothing more. 

At the end of the hopeless mail, there was another segment where I was solicited to subscribe for the webinar. The subscription fee for the webinar was $4,000 (annual plan only) with a discount of $1,000 so that was $3,000. Wow! This guy is so smart, tricky and his videos and emails are well planned to leave someone with suspense and need to know about the next information. That was quite a disappointment as I expected some important information in the first mail.

On the report of what I had read from his blog, I counted on that he has a smart business mind. This made me complete the webinar $3,000 subscription so I can find out more about his “magical offer”.  Again I was frustrated on receiving the first long email with a video attached and a YouTube link at the mail tail. The video was lengthy (1 hour 45 minutes) with scads of peripheral information. James Altucher talked about his success and also interviewed some uninspiring guests.

That was redundant and infuriating because I never bargained on that kind of garbage. I promptly needed a refund of my $3,000 because I could not get such insignificant information even for free. I requested a refund moreover I received the first $55 subscription fee only. That was so disturbing considering I needed the $3,000.

I sent an email requesting a refund of the webinar subscription. James Altucher has an automated email so I received a response saying that my refund request is being processed within 48 hours. That was offensive now that I had to sweat to get my dollars back. I waited for the 48 hours though he never refunded the money. I demanded the kickback once more at the same automated mail hit my inbox by and by.

Still, for the second time, I never gave up waiting over for 48 hours. After the requested hours once more I did not get the remuneration. I asked over and over for the third time but the customary email spammed my inbox. Now I have waited for 3 weeks waiting for my reimbursement request to be processed. James Altucher is a big scam selling useless information. I have lost hope of getting the money back. People should not trust this guy with their money.

Some of the Surfs that Bear James Monthly Cash

I may not know how much James Altucher makes from each income source. Only he and his entire company know, but I guess he makes some good cash. His greed for money has made him launch a bit of income-generating waves. These waves include a blog, podcast, business ventures, motivational speaking fee, newsletters, book sales, and webinar.

Yearly James Altucher makes at least a six figures amount and maybe more but not below hundred thousand dollars. Anyway, he has a crafty mind to make easy and fast money. He has created a fake persona, considering that this guy does not own a car, a house or even expensive stuff (maybe computers). I assume that James invests somewhere or he doesn’t know how to manage his money. I doubt how he is even a millionaire.

James Altucher Reviews From Around The Web

What others Say about James Altucher

With no doubt, a large number of various people have complained and reviewed on James Altucher’s programs. Some have tried to implement his ideas but end up losing their money on different occasions. This motivational speaker has kind of reasonable business ideas but they do not work out the way he thinks. The new entrepreneurs have lost their money through his unproductive ideas that seem smart.

James Altucher always has a great presentation that for some reasons leads to loss of money. He is simply a stock debater but not a stock picker. He lacks an honest character and so he is not to be taken serious. Professionally he is a writer so he comes up with plenty of imaginary business contents.


Towards the first time entrepreneurs, he sounds knowledgeable and worthy of listening. On the other hand to the business pros, he sounds smart but his ideas are dangerous and hard to work. James Altucher is said to be desperate for attention and making easy money through his web marketing where he makes a lot. 

This guy writes down what will attract the readers and not what is worthwhile or interesting. His information about the bitcoin opened him up for phony news to twist his beliefs and make plenty of falsification to spread. His wearisome videos have no actionable information it is just the simple and basic information anyone can figure out without his useless concepts. 

If James Altucher knows how to make money easily he could not be charging the upfront fee to teach people how to make them money easily. Instead of charging people money for his worthless convictions, he could use his theory to make easy money but not bothering people with his teachings. 

Whatever he calls the magic income does not generate any income as he barks. The amount he gets from the subscriptions is the magic income he refers to. He says that one should have at least a capital of $20,000 to start implementing his business notion. All the same, I realized that is the amount you need to follow his reports.

Whatever James gives out are just the blueprints to benefit himself and his associates. He only talks about his successes and failures with bias. He quotes other successful businessmen and women but has never given an example of at least one of his followers who succeeded. This guy continuously traffics the tactics he used to tackle his 17 failed companies.


My Advice

I understand that each person wants to get to the top in the business industry but the fear of loss and failures strikes the mind. From my experience, I would like to advise you to never try any of James Altucher’s entrepreneurship procedures. You can read all his books if you love reading journals but remember everything there is canny but dangerous to implement.

You can visit his websites but do not subscribe to anything and avoid frustrations and loss of your money. James Altucher’s primitive theories have sensible content in them, for instance, choose yourself, employ yourself, and do not depend on employment. All these are basic concepts that everybody has but when it comes to entrepreneurship recommendations my friendplease run.

It’s true that each one of us fears field bankruptcy but endeavor to succeed. If you are in readiness to bump into bankruptcy then have a crack on James Altucher’s perceptions of venture capital.

The kind of scheme on his tedious videos and stories is just a piece of cake and indispensable fool notion that a monkey can figure out. Do not waste exhaust your money and time to follow James Altucher.

End of the Line

James Altucher’s history is pretty interesting plus his popular books are interesting to read. He is a guru in the internet marketers who hazards a guess on enterprise tactics. He is an expert in writing a clear email that benefits him to engulf his followers’ money. His videos are so hopeful but there is no prosecutable interpretation leaving someone in doubt and fire in the belly to do the next subscription.

Every commerce minded person has hope for a successful business. We all make every effort to attempt to bring into play particular channels from successful entrepreneurs. However, as we struggle to invest the main point is Avoid James Altucher. Get off the hook your money by avoiding the scam this artist.

For those who have tried James Altucher’s program. Is the program and the investing a scam? Does the refund the money when requested to? Have you lost money trying to get his good for nothing viewpoint? Share your story to confirm that James Altucher is a fraud.

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