James Allen Lee – Crystal River, Florida Florida


I’m a friend of the latest woman that he dated, let me go ahead and air out his dirtiest dirty laundry for ALL WOMEN BEWARE OF THIS MAN he held my friend hostage for 8 hours beating on her and belittling her all because of his insecurities at being a man of his word… He kept her away from her friends, tried to distance her from her family, her kids… He was a saint, so he tried to make everyone believe. He was horrible to her near the end especially. In the beginning he was the perfect gentleman (in her words)… Everytime he verbally, mentally, or physically abused her it always ended up her fault. The 8 hour hostage situation was (caused as he called it, her fault for lying) when in fact she didn’t lie she just didn’t tell him at the moment because he always blew everything outta proportion. She was afraid of him. So, this is what happened on that very morning, she finally told him about a man asking her out, she was straight forward with that man telling him she was in a serious relationship with someone. When she told James about it he was taking her to work, and started yelling at her then told her when u get off work and we get back home be prepared because u are in for it. So that night when they arrived home after her daughter left he started getting in her face at first, yelling at her, calling her name’s, she was a whore, a slut, and a cunt… He told her that her children were pieses of shit because she’s a piece of shit. Her oldest daughter was a whore because she learned it from the best her, her mother… And in fact James doesn’t have custody of his own children, he’s not allowed around or near them. “Wonder why”… He made my friends life a living hell, and yet she stayed with him and put up with it for two years because she loved him, and thought that she could change him, that she could save him. In reality all she did was cause herself to have PTSD among other things. Ladies please be aware of this man, if u ever run across him turn around and walk the other way. He doesn’t come off the way he’s described here, but in fact he’s much worse…. Do urself a favor before it’s too late, and don’t do it.

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By Ronald

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