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Hi. Just wanted to let everyone know about this crazy, cheap, woman. She is the true definition of a whore! || She works as a police dispatcher at (removed) and has had numerous affairs and flings with over 6 police officers there (this is as of a year ago so I am sure the number has increased). She had a 9 month affair with my husband…the idiot…even though she knew he was married. As she has stated publicly, she”is looking for someone with military benefits to take care of her.” || Even though he ended it with her over a year ago, she is still calling our house and harassing us. I called HUPD about this but nobody does anything because I am sure that they do not want to open up this”hornets nest” that is their department. || Everyone there including HR is aware of her behavior but since she blocks her number etc. they say there isn’t much they can do…really? So I guess they condone the sleeping around and lack of morals from the HUPD and dispatchers??? || She uses several names and aliases (or a combination of all her married names). || Please if your husband works/lives in Newport News or Hampton, Va. or worse works at (removed) be aware that this woman is on the prowl for anyone’s man.

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By Ronald

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