Jacqueline Ford – Louisville, Kentucky Kentucky


This “woman” and my husband used to have a casual sexual relationship. She enjoyed having sex with him so much that she and he even fucked while she was pregnant with her boyfriend’s baby. Yes it’s disgusting I understand, but all that was before me. I do not like anyone with such lose morals as her. She’s still with her boyfriend BTW. I’m posting this because she won’t leave him alone. He’s at fault to because he responds. She’s waiting for an opportunity to fuck him again. I had him prove it by sending her a message saying he wanted to “hang out”. Well she didn’t even hesitate. He’s not supposed to be taking to her anymore, come to find out he is. Not often but still talking, so it’s pushed me to do this. I’m exposing her, she’s a whore and her poor boyfriend doesn’t have a clue.

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By Ronald

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