Jaclyn (Jackie) Jaber – Flint, Michigan Michigan


My story with this scumball goes way back! When we were in middle school she was always jealous of me and ruined a couple of my relationships. She even carved on of the guy’s name into her ankle. The most recent one hurt the most. My now ex and I have known each other for 10 years, but just started dating in May. This girl has also known him from years and has always been in love with him. One time he refused to date her so she made rape allegations against him….yes, she’s nuts! My ex and I have been arguing more and more recently and not talking as much. I thought it was because we’ve both been stressed. WRONG! I had to find out by myself playing detective on FB that he’s been talking to her and having “late night visits” with her. So after I had all the proof I needed of him cheating, I broke it off with him and he still keeps denying he cheated…but he confessed he did sleep with her the night we broke up. Then had the nerve to come crying crawling back to me. Now i think it’s hilarious because she thinks he really likes her, but he only screwed her because she’s easy and wanted to purposely hurt me. Real mature right? Then he even said he’s so disgusted from sleeping with her that he threw up after and all other sorts of things about her. Now I hope she goes and presses more rape allegations against him or claims false pregnancy again. Karma’s a bitch and they’ll both find that out soon.

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By Ronald

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