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Complaint: Thank you to Wayne Salvator for your report enlighting me about the internet marketing scam the is virtually identical to the one in which I was also victimized. It was Jack Ryan who called me repeatedly about joining this scam promising way more than it ever delivered. I was told to send him $30,000 for 30,000 email leads and told him I could not afford it. He later claimed that he would make a special deal with me and said he will get me into the program with “only”” $15

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Address: 000 for 15

Website: and I never recieved a dime in reimbursements or profits. I became very suspicious about my ordeal and started investigating. After doing a google search using their names

Phone: 000 email leads with a promise of incredible profits. I foolishly fell for his offer and sent him an overnite cashiers check. They stated that they would to do all of the work with setting up my Garcinia Cambrogia website and launching it through a company called Zacara as an email blaster. After a few launches and follow ups

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