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Complaint: Jack McMahon is an unethical attorney. He “collected”” nearly $30

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Address: 000 of our family’s hard earned money to represent my Cousin in court. He made many promises of what he could do and how he knew many of the involved parties and could work out a fair plea bargain. Not only did he not come through on anything he said

Website: Pennsylvania United States of America”

Phone: he didn’t even come! That’s right; Mr. McMahon did not show up to court on numerous occassions. When we called his office we could never get in contact with him. He basically ignored our calls and did nothing. We were left with no funds to find another attorney so we had to settle for a public defender. The public defender was so busy he accepted an unfavorable plea bargain which resulted in a sentence that does not fit the crime. We are in the process of appealing the sentence. I’m sure our family is not the only one in this situation. We have filed a Civil Complaint in Philadelphia Federal Courts. The number is 10-3629. If you are in a similar situation please get involved with this case and file your complaint. Jack McMahon’s inaction cost us a close member of the family. Inaction affects entire familes- don’t let him get away with it!!! Thank you

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