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My dog Wilbur was stolen 7 years ago, I went crazy, posting flyers, hired a PI went to every shelter I knew. My dog was micro chipped by HOME AGAIN and when he was stolen I called Home Again and reported him stolen, so his chip has been on record at Home Again chip company as stolen for 7 years. I received a call from Home Again that my dog Wilbur was at Pasadena Humane society www.pasadenahumane.org and to go get my dog I was so excited I had been searching for 7 years for my dog. I called Pasadena shelter and spoke with Emily and they gave my dog to someone else. I could not understand this after they scanned my dog, Pasadena Humane Society Scanned my dog Wilbur and Home Again told him he was reported as stolen 7 years, for 7 years I have looked for my dog. The man who STOLE my dog showed up with vet records and they just gave him my dog. So my dog was stolen TWICE by the same person. The man stole my dog and then when my dog shows up at Pasadena he shows vet records and he steals my dog again. Pasadena Humane Society just gave my dog away completely ignoring the information on a microchip and the chip policy that a dog is held for 10 days unitl the rightful owner can be verified. Jack Hagerman was contacted President of Pasadena Humane andhe said sorry, nothing he would do to help me get my dog back. The person who stole wilbur is now ccalling him willie and he is somewhere in GLENDALE california. A man named William Dewitt keeps posting on my rescue www.facebook.com/bringwilburhome/ page that I should just forget it, here is the link www.facebook.com/bringwilburhome/ WILBUR was found in Glendale California and William Dewitt seems to know a lot about it.

361 S Raymond Ave Pasadena, California United States


http:// www.pasadenahumane.org

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