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James Yoder was contacted to do guuter repair on our home. He was to start the work the next week and has not started the job after 3 weeks. The first time that I conatcted him about not starting the job, he said that he had started a job that was taking longer than he thought it would. The second time that I contacted him, he said that he had other jobs ahead of mine. The gutter problem that we were having was to be done by the vendor that had originally done the gutter work to our home. I contacted James Yoder and advised him of the situation and requested my money back. He said that he would sent my money to me in the mail within that week. After a week had gone by, I contacted him and he said that he would put my money in the mail within a week. That time went by and I contacted him again. He got was verball abusive and was very unprofessional. I told him that I had been very patient and he said, ‘Since you want to get smart, I will wait a month before I sent you your money and he hung up on me. James Yoder was very inappropriate and rude. I would not recommend him to work for anyone.

9 Pine Tree Dr. Sherman, Illinois United States


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By Ronald

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