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Complaint: On 03/27, I requested online on my Chase Bank account to wire monies from my savings account to my nieces account at Navy Federal in Virginia. I was informed by Chase that it must come out of my checking account. I then withdrew 7,500.00 from my savings account. I again tried to wire from my checking to my nieces account at Navy Federal (Toni Jones). I was receiving emails saying it was denied, then in process , then not processed, then accepted. I received a telephone call from Chase and because of a wire transfer had to answer questions that I would only know. She the said fine and the telephone call ended. I then recevived another email stating to call the listed telephone number. I was connected to the RISK OPTION DEPARTMENT and told I call the number in England. I explained what transpired and she said she would check on the matter and call me right back. This was after midnight. I received no telephone call. The following day I went to my branch located on Lake Plasant Rd, Peoria, Arizona. Again, I explained the issue. I was informed by the Chase Representative that she was not allowed to give me the reasons. She was informed by the Chase Representative, that was speaking to her that the best was to go to a teller and get my monies and get a Cashiers Check for 7,500.00. I did so. It was sent by me through the post office to my niece, Toni Jones at her home in Virginia. This Cashiers check was for furniture I sent to my brothers home in Conway, South Carolina. Which is due for transit for Mayflower Transit, 04/05/16. After all this back and forth with Chase Bank, I received a letter stating that I must call the in closed telephone number. I did, Chase informed me that All my accounts with them have been terminated except for my credit card. That includes, checking, savings, debit card and my problem with my automatic deduction for my Chase Morgage. Also my problem with all my bill pays from my checking. I am 71 years old, disabled, and for 27 years delted with Valley Bank that then was Bank One and now Chase Bank. I was also informed that I can not do business with Chase and balances in my accounts will be sent to my present address in Sun City, Arizona. Please help and assist me in this stressful, scary matter. Thank you, Elizabeth Hopkins

Tags: Civil Rights Violators

Address: San Antonio, Texas USA

Website: chase.com/

Phone: 1-877-691-8086

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