J.C. PENNEYS BROOKS Kentucky Review


My husband went to jc penneys to get some colored t- shirts. he told them he wanted the best ones they carried. The department manager showed him the best quality ones they carried. nwell, my husband is the type to buy in quanities–ok!! nHe bought about 12 of they, some even the same color. nI washed a couple to be sure he was pleased with them, came out good, didn’t shrink–goody!! Then he wanted them all washed before wearing them–fine.. nGuess what on second wash they all started falling apart-threads coming out, stretching as he wore them, got really in rough shape right away. nOur mistake, couldn’t find reciept–but he trooped back with a bag full. The manager of mens wear told hem if it was one or two- yes he could do something to help-but not THAT many!! nMy husband told him guess I’m getting punished for buy so many then——————— nwell, he had a small fit, but it didn’t do any good–he brought them home & now actually use them for rags-they look too bad to wear. Of course, penney’s had to recognize the label. nso watch out & don’t get stuck with a bag of expensive rags like we did!!!!!!!!!!!!!! nSuzynBROOKS, KentuckyU.S.A.


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