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If I were to walk into a store, like JCPenney, and pick something off the shelf and walk out without giving the store money it would be considered stealing. So what is it called if a company takes a personu2019s money with promise of a product, but that product was never delivered? Wouldnu2019t that be a form of stealing? In January I gave JCPenney money for them to give me a mattress, they took the money, but have NOT given me my mattress after 3 months. On January 4, 2017 I ordered a twin size mattress. After a few weeks, I get a call for delivery date. The day before delivery I call saying that they had the wrong size mattress, a queen. The person that I spoke with said that they would return the queen, order another twin and call back with a new delivery date. After two weeks, I had not heard anything so I called them. That is when I found out that nothing had been done. The queen was not returned nor was the twin re-ordered. While on the phone with me, the lady processed a return and re-ordered a twin size mattreu00adu00adss. A few days later, I got a call to schedule delivery. I took off work to wait around for a mattress that never showed up. When I called to find out what happen I was told that u201cthe mattress did not make it on the truck and that the delivery would have to be rescheduledu201d As angry as I was, I just rescheduled the delivery. I get a call to reschedule, but the specific time did not work for me. When I told this to the person on the phone, I was told u201cThen you need to rescheduleu201d and hung up the phone on me without giving me a chance to figure something out. The mattress was then re-scheduled yet again. I get a call telling me the mattress would be delivered on March 18. March 18th came and went without a mattress. When I call to find out what happen, I was told that there was a mistake in the system. They canceled our March 18th date and rescheduled it for March 23th without contacting me, without asking if we were available. I get them to reschedule for March 25th and get a call saying that date wasnu2019t available that April 1st was the earliest date I could get. On March 31 I get a call saying my mattress would be delivered on April 1st between 8:30am-10:30am. At 10:30am I had not received a phone call, nor did I receive a mattress. I spent the next 3 hours talking to many different people, calling many different phone numbers to find out that, for the second time, my mattress u201cdid not make it on the delivery trucku201d. When I finally found out what happened I was sooo angry. After 3 months of waiting, after 3 months of reschedules and no shows and twice of u201cit didnu2019t make it on the trucku201d, I think I have been plenty patient, plenty polite and plenty accommodating. If I were to walk in to JCPenney and take a couple hundred dollars worth of product, I would be arrested. I would be sent to jail, have to pay fines, court fees and return everything I took. JCPenney took a couple hundred dollars from me and did not give me my product in return. What should JCPenney do now?

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