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I did what most people do looked up crags list and hired a landscaper for my lawn. I called J C Cunningham -n Lawn Care & Landscaping Services, Acworth GA 30102 Him and his wife came out and gave me a really good quote and I hired them. I didn’t want them to start right away because we were still having cold fronts but Garth assisted that he stared cleaning up the leaves and pay half he came out my husband payed half and all he did was cut a few vines and left. I contacted him and he said I be right out in 2 week and will complete the whole job. Two weeks pass and I called him and he said Ill be there. Never showed I called on another number and his wife answered and hung up. Bottom Line this company prays on hard working family for money. Do not become a victim BEWARE.

2 Wild Flower Trail Acworth, Georgia United States of America




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By Ronald

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