Ivory Brulotte – Roque bluffs, Maine Maine


Look out roque bluffs Maine for this home wrecker whore..I caught her having an affair with my husband and even fucking him..she’s such a trashy whore she’s even molding her 16 year old daughter to be that way too.. What kind of mother would do that ..apple doesn’t fall far from the tree..I had to even tell her daughter to stop messaging my husband via Facebook with all these flirty messages..like I also went as far as calling the whore to cut the fucking shit and back off ., I got on my husbands Facebook and read all the messages she was sending my husband to drive a wedge between him and our children and all the off color messages her daughter was sending my husband..I finally blocked the two skanks.. hubby broke it off with the trash according what he told our children and who the fuck would tell their children their filthy dirt ..good thing I didn’t find the girl n beat the fuck out of her n slap her trashy filthy daughter with all the shit I read..the whore works at hannafords in Ellsworth Maine I believe in the bakery department..she has a reputation of being a home wrecker whore spreading her clap n her other stds.. N her known nickname in that town is miss fishy dishy ..that should explain how nasty n trashy she is ..

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By Ronald

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