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Complaint: I signed up for IJL because I was tired of online dating. I knew it would be expensive to join the club but I though it may be worth it if they match me up with my ideal person. I paid $2500 for 12 dates. First you go for an interview and they ask you the basic questions about what you are seeking in a mate. They ask you the basic questions about you requirements. Physical appearance, education, profession etc. Once you are accepted, I’m sure they accept anyone who’s willing to shell out that much money, they will begin the matching process and set up dates for you. There are up to five restaurants that they contract with to accomodate IJL members. You have to go to one of those restaurants no exceptions. Then a dating specialist will contact you give you some details about your match and once you say yes they will make the reservation and you just show up to meet your date. It’s two checks you pay for your own drinks and he pays for his. Here’s my experience. First date, he was shorter than what I specified, I wanted men who were 5’9″ or taller. This man was no more than 5’6″”. I’m short so I can accept that even though I specified I like taller men. He looked like a teenager and it was awkward conversation the whole time. He was so nervous I was afraid he may pass out. We did not exchange phone numbers. Second date

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Address: he was tall enough and he was a talker. He talked so much I couldn’t get a word in. He also had the strange habit of giving the thumbs up sign I don’t know what that is all about. To make matters worse

Website: this person was even shorter than the first guy. I am 5’2″” and I’m sure he was only one inch taller than me. How did IJL find a man who is that short? We met for drinks and the conversation went ok and we actually exchanged phone numbers. We were going to meet for lunch at a very nice restaurant that I had been wanting to go to. However

Phone: the place was an expensive bar and grill

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