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This all started 3 months after having our first daughter. The moment I found out, I called her and told her the truth about my husband. I let her know we had been married for almost 2 two years I had just had our first child. She seemed decent when she pretended to be mad over the fact that my husband was trying to have a relationship, especially 3 months after having our first child. She then started to apologize about the whole situation and saying that she didn’t know about me. I believed her.. little did I know she was just another one of those selfish bitches that didn’t give a shit about anyone!!! || Months later there I was pregnant with our second child and I hear my husband’s phone go off, again it was her.. come to find out they NEVER even stopped talking. I blew up her phone, she threatened me she threatened to hurt my daughter. . || I have never been more furious!!!! I went to her house looking of course she ran like a little bitch! They continue seeing each other for sometime. She even got her mom to call me like a little fuckin kid to tell me to leave her alone.. all the while she had a boyfriend in jail.. She denied sleeping with my husband, but I found multiple messages proving that they did, including one where my husband told his cousin”she was easy”.. Guess the hoe put out on the first night. . Come to find out the whole family was like that haha, so be ware of this HOMEWRECKING HOE, with her light bulb head.

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By Ronald

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