Italica cane corso Philadelphia Pennsylvania


Complaint: Number 1 Cane Corso breeder in USA is SCAMMING buyers to get more income! BE CAREFUL WITH UNDISCLOSED SWTICHED OR TERMS! She thought i am a foreigner and i cannot file lawsuit against her. Cane corso the italica has been in the field for 14 years (she said). The dogs are amazing, but the owner is a SCAMMER! My sister and i wanted to buy a puppy for show from cane corso the italica. The puppy cost $2800, the vet to cut the ears cost $400. she showed us a picture of a nice puppy. We decided to get her. We drove down to her house (took us 3.5 hr each way)to pick up the puppy. We saw the puppy, we were so happy. My sister had suspicion that this puppy she is holding looks a bit different. She didnt say anything and chose to TRUST her. I would NEVER THOUGHT number 1 Cane Corso bredeer in USA WILL SWITCH the puppy without telling the buyer. We left with the puppy, half way home we realize the puppy is not show quality (scared when seeing other kind of dogs, bad temper). Then we saw the puppy’s nose has white marks that pottentialy will grow larger. We ask her if this is a different puppy, then admitted that it is a different puppy. Her reason was:” at the end I decided the other one had a face that I wasn’t happy with. Yours is much better. Like I said I gave u mine”” The funny part is when i ask her:””why you didnt tell me you switched the puppy?”” She said:””i am a fast person

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Address: i thought you knew

Website: She said that puppy is not good

Phone: and i said I gave you mine”” Instead of telling us when we were at her house picking up the puppy

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