Italian Jewelers Bristol Connecticut Review


I purchased a Sapphire and Diamond ring, for $850.00 from this jewelry store on a cruise ship stop in Key West. I wore the ring that night and within less than two hours one of the diamonds fell out. nI contacted the jewelry store and they asked me to return the ring. I explained then I did not want a ring where the gems fall out in less than two hours of wear. The ring settings are faulty. I was told the owner was not in and he would return my call to discuss. nWell my call was not returned, nor was I contacted about them even receiving the ring. I called again and spoke with one of the owners, Dilip Jagasia. Dilip stated he was never told that I called and would investigate the issue. He contacted me the next day and I explained that I did not want a faulty ring, he adamantly refused to refund the money. He stated on that call then and there if there was a flaw as a result of the manufacturer or if the ring was not fixed correctly after giving them one “shot”” to fix that her would refund the money. nWell

basically the ring is now even more flawed and he did not make good on his promise. The diamond replaced was set lower than the others and the cut doesn’t even match the other diamonds. I contacted Dilip again and he did NOT make good on his promise. He stated the ring looks perfect and I should be happy. He would not for any reason return my money

even though the ring is disfigured. He then proceeded to hang up on me. nI recommend and warn you all NOT to do dealings with this store. I will be contacting other cruise lines

the better business bureau and other tourism and or travel agents

to make sure all visitors are warned of these shady characters. People who treat their customers with disrepect. A company and owner who hangs up on customers

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By Ronald

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