Isabelle Bells – Differnt name same person New Mexico


Isabelle Bells aka Marina Leyba. She has changed her name on social media but she is the same scandalous person. She has no regard for anybody or anything but her own agenda and she doesnt care who she has to hurt in the process. Be vigilant around her, she has no regard for others relationships or marriages. She has broken up many relationships/marriages including her own due to infidelity. She is not a one man woman; she always has a replacement waiting, just in case. Once her significant others learn who she really is and what she really represents; they leave her. She jumps on to the next one without looking back. She definitely gives real women a bad reputation. So women of Jal and the surrounding area be on the look out and dont be fooled by this one; she will hide, lie, or do anything to get a man and never expect her to tell you the truth because her loyalty is to herself and finding someone to care for her and her children.

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By Ronald

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