Isabel Reyes – Hobart, Oklahoma Oklahoma


Isabel Reyes started an affair with her ex boyfriend (my xbf now). She pursued him taking the little time he had with his children due to a heavy work schedule. He was no saint either. She lied to her boyfriend about everything blaming her affair on the guy but no one is stupid they clearly had equal parts. This isn’t her first time either. She made out with her boyfriends best friend at a Halloween party. Only after she had been rejected by two people (maybe even more?). She plays victim saying she is vulnerable but she knows the truth. Maybe Isabel was just out for the money. Who knows what goes on this lady’s head. All I know is her stupid boyfriend’s cousin tried threatening me about her affair. Yet, she hasn’t had any drama or dilemas like I’ve had occur in my life. So here girl!! Let the world know how you slept with my ex. And kissed Jimmy’s best friend Tony!

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By Ronald

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