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It started when me and my husband separated for a bit. When we got back together I found this girls pictures and text messages and so on and so on. I asked him if it was still going on if they were seen each other he said no. So I left it alone one day I decided to log on to his email and I see emails of her begging for him to come back he told her that he was happy and she needed to leave him alone. She obviously to this day hasn’t gotten the picture she still keeps on stalking him and sending me friend request then takes them off on Facebook. I sent her a message telling her of her something that she wanted to know that had to do with me or my husband. She responded with I don’t need anything from your ugly cheating ass. || To make it known I’ve never been unfaithful to my husband when we were separated I did talk to one guy but that was about it just talking. There was also a time that me and my husband were doing really well anytime that she would come back in the picture he and I would argue then we would tell each other like this is what she wants she wants us to fight. One day out of nowhere she started to send me these old text messages between her and my husband. I tell her that she needs to back up and leave us alone she starts to tell me that she’s been in my apartment when we were separated and that she slept with him in my bed with at the time wasn’t even my bed because I bought new furniture when I moved out. || Really I just want people to know that this girl is crazy and psycho. She has sent him messages saying that if he doesn’t answer her she’s going to show up and cause all this drama which I wish this bitch would because I would knock her ass out. She is disgusting, she is ugly, but to her she’s just the most beautiful thing and she said that any man wants her and any man would be happy to have her. She’s a homewrecker.

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By Ronald

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