Iron Gait Percheron Rescue Ambridge Pennsylvania


Complaint: Beware of this “rescue””. This organization collects money from well meaning donors to purchase horses or gets them for free

Tags: Non-Profit Organizations

Address: solicits money for vet and farrier care to rehabilitate them

Website: which is atypically high for a rescue. They then change the name of the horse and adopt them out again. The adoption contracts are fraudulent and tries to state that the rescue retains ownership for the life of the horse. Ones who have dared to complain are bullied and threatened to have to return thier horses. There are lawsuits pending on and lies exposed on the Facebook page Gait Keepers and Truth Seekers. One lawsuit is where a woman sent her horses to be sanctuaried at Iron Gait only to find they were starving and suffering under Denise Polydor’s care. Denise Polydor has a criminal record

Phone: pockets the money and flips the horses to unsuspecting adopters. Horses are misrepresented as safe and healthy. People have been harmed by dangerous horses this place has represented as safe for children to ride. Othere have had to encur enormous vet bills to get the horses healthy

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By Ronald

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