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I found this “service” on google, the website appeared to be well designed so I made the mistake of attempting to do business with them. I sent these assholes 2 boxes of pricey iPhone 6 & 6+ screens to refurbish for me, with the promise that I would have them back within two weeks but probably less. It has now been 35 days since they received my screens, and when they do decide to answer my phone call (theyve never responded to an email) they give me the run around. I’ve been told that the finished product has been shipped, next time I call they say its shipping today, next time I call they say they’re almost finished with them and will be shipping shortly, ETC. | These guys are nothing more than con artists. We’re still attempting to retrieve ANYTHING from them, but also pursuing legal action. Since the value of my parts are over $500 that bumps them into the felony range. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT SEND THIS COMPANY ANYTHING. THEY ARE NOT AMERICAN AND DO NOT HAVE OUR MORALS/VALUES. If I am unable to retrieve my parts I’ll be booking a flight to Reseda with points I intended to use for vacation and taking care of this myself.

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