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When you do a search for rebounders in Google IREBOUNDER.COM shows up near the top. They advertise a price guarantee (110%), a toll free number and a live chat service.I contacted them to do a price match with another company and not only did they completely ignore me, but after trying to contact them repeatedly I have concluded that this website is a complete sham probably run by some guy in his basement.His “toll free”” number goes to some answering service and isn’t even a real toll free number.His “”live chat”” always goes to an email form even though it says live chat is “”online”” whenever you visit the site.His website says it offers a “”110% price guarantee””

yet he ignores any request that actually mentions the guarantee. And because there’s no real way of contacting him

despite the claims on the website

there’s no way to get an answer or even complain.Even if he contacted me now (which I’m sure he will) and offered me the rebounder for free I won’t buy it because it’s supposed to come with a warranty and I have no idea if he will even answer emails if there should be a problem.I’m disappointed because his website makes all these claims and acts like this large professional company. They ignore complaints and seem to just be interested in getting a sale

no matter what.I am sure he will reply in a manipulative manner

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By Ronald

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