INVX Global Group, Inc.


This individual issues illegal letter of credits & bank intruments through asian, european & latin american banks. He receives large upfront deposits and promises loans worth millions of dollars for projects anywhere in the world. | He rents the banking instrument for a one year period at a time, in his company name for a total cost to him and his company between $75,000 to $100,000. He ends up selling this banking instrument which is issued under his company name for millions of dollars. | The issue is you will never see your upfront fees and you will never receive any loans. | This individual issues the loan agreement with a company located in the Republic of Panama so this way he can not be sued in the United States. He also has INVX Global Partners registered in Florida but it’s under his relative’s name (I beleieve it’s his mother) who is not a US citizen or resident and is not aware of what this company is all about. | He posseses 2 passports, a Peruvian and a US passport. On the Banking instruments he uses the Peruvian passport so again he can not be sued in the US. | We and other individuals have already contacted and or are in the process of contacting the authorities. | He keeps all his monies abroad so he does not have to pay hardly US taxes. | He also posseses a Securities license under his own company Achieve Capital LLC which is under his name and is presently under investigation. | If at the present time you are doing business with this individuals be aware.

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