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Stephen Engro Sexually Harassed My Sister

A few days ago, I found out a horrible truth. My sister shared her terrible experiences of working at the Beacon Financial Group with me and what I found out was too much for me to handle. 

My sister, I would call her Sally in this write up, used to work at Beacon financial group as an assistant when she was sexually harassed by Stephen Engro. 

She was card forever monstrosity of that fat piece of crap. She joined  there in around 2018 we all were very happy forever because it looked like a once in a lifetime opportunity. 

Stephen is one of the biggest names in the financial industry. He runs one the biggest financial groups in the country and when my sister told everyone that she’d be working directly under him, we thought it was great. Nobody had any idea that Stephen is such a monster. 

Things You Should Know About Stephen Engro 

Stephen is the owner of the Beacon Financial Group. He is a wealth advisor and founded his company in 1995. Since then, he has become a significant name in the industry. I believe that level of status doesn’t change the mentality of a person. He is a misogynist, who treats women like objects and is a disgrace to society. 

She just recently shared all the horrible stuff she went through when she worked under Stephen Engro. If she had shared her experiences with me earlier, I would’ve done something then. 

When she had started working there, everything seemed okay. Then, as she told me, Stephen told her that she’d have to work a little later than usual. She had been working there for a few weeks and it was the first time that she had to work late. Still, she didn’t object. Things got worse later, when they were alone in the office. She told me that she was working on her desk when Stephen came up to her and started pressing her shoulders. She was very uncomfortable and realised that Stephen had something fishy going on in his mind. He was telling her that she should just relax for a while and if she needs, he can get her a drink or something. She just refused his offer and told him that she needed to work. 

That was just the beginning of this painful experience. She told me that after that incident, Stephen would request her to stay a little longer than usual and would try to offer her drinks and whatnot. He had started making sexual remarks for her too. 

My sister faced all this because she needed that job. It paid her well and she needed the money so she didn’t leave. I guess Stephen realised that Sally couldn’t leave her job due to her circumstances so he tried to take advantage of her situation. 

She had requested her superior to change her role because she didn’t want to work under Stephen. However, no one listened to her and she was forced to work under that monster. 

Things got escalated when Stephen tried to molest her in the office. She was working (late, as usual) and Stephen was drunk. There were a few other people in the office too so she was relieved but when Stephen invited her in his office, they all started leaving. She had sensed something was up, those other guys realised it too, but nobody could do anything about it. At least that’s what I tell myself to sleep at night.

When she went into his office, he asked her to bring him a client’s file. And when she got close to his desk, he just grabbed her hand and tried to pull her to him. He had held her hand very tightly and she was trying her best to get away. My sister is strong and even though that monster laid his dirty, fat hands on her, she got away from him. 

She hadn’t told anyone about that incident. She left her job at the Beacon Financial Group that day. Obviously, everyone questioned her decision. Everyone thought she had gone crazy or just couldn’t handle the work pressure. Even I had questioned her decision to quit that job. 

When she told me recently why she had left this job, I couldn’t believe my ears. My little sister went through so much without anyone’s help or support. That Stephen Engro is a mentally-ill monster who tries to take advantage of young women. Sally also told me that Stephen’s company had tried to pay her off. They had offered her several grands just so she would keep her mouth shut. They knew they were in the wrong and my sister can take legal action against him. 

But we all are familiar with this system. Stephen is one of the most powerful people in this country. I can’t even imagine what he might do to my sister or our family. That’s why I’m only sharing this experience here. People should know just what kind of a mentally depraved monster Stephen really is. 

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