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Richard from Adviser Investments fired me due to my race. He is a hateful bigot!

Richard Veidenheimer of Adviser Investments is a racist who fired me just because of my race and his prejudice. He made false allegations and took away my only means of earning. He didn’t have a real reason to fire me so he said that I had stolen something from their office. I was thrown out of that place. Richard is the MD of Adviser Investments is a hotshot. I was fired because of my race but I couldn’t take any actions against him because I was afraid he could harm my family. Richard is a powerful guy. 

I used to work at advisor Investments a few months ago. I am not an Ivy League graduate. I was just the security guard of that building. All I know is that I did my job respectfully and with dedication. I was the security guard of that building well before Adviser Investments came. 

In the beginning I was a little nervous because new people tend to change things up but the office manager was very happy with my performance. They had increased my working hours but I was happy that I didn’t lose my job. Then I came across that racist piece of [email protected] named Richard Veidenheimer. 

He would always show up at a random time as if there was no schedule in that place. He never really noticed me until one day he was greeting a client in the lobby and saw me standing by him. I could see the little disgust he had on his face but didn’t really notice it. His office had no black people working there but I assumed it was because of the nature of their jobs. They are hotshots and you don’t see many black people wearing such suits. So I never really gave it much thought. 

Later that day, when he was seeing his client go, he came back and started asking me things like my name, how long I had worked there as a security guard and how much I get paid. I thought I was going to get a bonus but instead of that, I got fired that evening. The office manager told me that my services were no longer needed. I asked her multiple times as to why they were firing me. I had done that job for over 6 years and I had never received a single complaint from any people.

I  ask the office manager why they were firing me and she said it was because I had stolen something from the office. They were blaming me for stealing office supplies because as the security guard I had access to that place. I had not stolen anything. In my entire career I had never even thought of stealing something. But they kept saying that I did steal something so they can no longer appoint me as their security guard. 

I was thrown out of there, humiliated and embarrassed. I also wanted to prove my innocence so I contacted the office manager again a few days later. 

I wanted to know if I had done something wrong. I knew that she knew that their allegation was false. There was no way that I had stolen anything moreover they hadn’t really clarified what I stole from their office and when I stole that. She agreed to meet me and when she did she started crying. She kept apologizing and said she had no say in the matter. She told me that I had not stolen anything and everyone knew it. So I asked her why they did they fire me? What was the main reason?

When I kept asking her she just told me that ‘Mr. Veidenheimer doesn’t like people of certain kind’. I realised what she meant by “kind”. The guy is a racist. 

She admitted that he doesn’t like people of colour and wanted someone white to handle his office’s security. You have told her that he doesn’t trust black people. She told me that he used very obscene and demeaning terms which she can’t say. I knew what she was talking about, I had noticed how disgusted he felt when he saw me in that lobby.

Richard Veidenheimer is an arrogant person who is obsessed with himself

Richard is a racist and hateful tendencies destroyed my life. I requested her she could do anything about her but she told me that she was powerless in this matter. Robert master and I think he still is the main person. So there is no one above him. She told me that there was nothing she could do on this matter and she apologized deeply for it. She said that she would help me in whichever ways she can. 

That job was the main livelihood for me and my family. I struggled for months to get another job, Richard Veidenheimer insisted that I had stolen something from their office so it made it harder for me to find another job as a security guard. I realized that I need to do something about this matter that’s why I am sharing my story here. I hope it will help other people see how some powerful hate-filled people can ruin other people’s lives. Richard destroyed my life just because he didn’t like the color of my skin. I can’t even understand the level of hate he has for black people to ruin someone else’s life on a whim like this. He needs to see a mental doctor for the kind of racism running through his veins. 

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