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Jon is a Lazy Snob and Lacks Respect for Others

I had hired Bordeaux Wealth Advisors last year and I had to change my advisors just because of one guy, Jon Ekoniak. He is a lazy idiot who doesn’t want to even lift a finger. The guy might have been a professional some time ago, but now, he is just a lunatic with no sense of professionalism and hard work. The guy doesn’t ever attend meetings, no matter how many times I requested to meet him. He is so egotistical that he would never admit his mistakes even when he is completely in the wrong. 

My experience with Jon was extremely painful. I can’t explain how many times I had thought of firing Bordeaux Wealth Advisors because of the incompetence of that guy and eventually, I fired those guys solely because of him. 

I have only met Jon a couple of times because he wouldn’t usually attend meetings. If you don’t know, wealth advisors are supposed to give their clients top-priority. But Jon doesn’t seem to understand that. He thinks it’s okay to delay meetings for nonsensical reasons and blame others for his mistakes. Even in the few meetings we had, he used to remain aloof and distracted. 

Jon Ekoniak – Who is he?

Jon is a partner at Bordeaux Wealth Advisors. He has worked with multiple companies including Oracle and Charles Schwab & Co. and I think, because of his credentials, he is filled with ego. He is a CFP and is a Stanford graduate. From a distance, he seems like a genuine professional. I know that because when I had contacted Bordeaux Wealth Advisors, it was because of him. I was interested in hiring him.

But after I saw how he behaves in reality and how he doesn’t even put in any effort into helping his clients, my opinion changed. 

Let me elaborate more on why I fired the guy and his company:

My Experience with Jon Ekoniak

I had hired Bordeaux Wealth Advisors in the summer of last year. I had found out about Jon from one of my friends who told me that I should hire a wealth advisor. She recommended me to hire Jon so I looked into the guy. There was no flaw in him so I decided to give him a try. 

When my people contacted Bordeaux Wealth Advisors, things seemed great. They sent a representative to meet me and even though that man was impressive, I wanted to meet a partner. 

So my team requested BWA to arrange a meeting between me and Jon. They were really hesitant. They were so hesitant that they started questioning the associate they had sent to me before. We told them that there was no issue with the guy they had sent before, I just wanted to meet Jon Ekoniak because he was the reason why I was hiring those guys. Then they started making excuses and told my team that he’s gone on a vacation for 2 weeks so I met another partner and I hired those guys.

Even though I had hired BWA, I wanted to meet Jon. Why wouldn’t I, after all? So when a month passed, I told them that I wanted to meet Jon and then again, they started making excuses. When they realised that I wasn’t buying any of their excuses they set a date. 

Now, you should note that this was our first meeting. 

Jon was supposed to come to my office and meet me there at 2 pm. He arrived at 5. Yes, he was three hours late. He was lucky that I was still in my office that day. 

I was furious, because I had wasted an entire hour due to that lunatic. When I pointed out that he was so late, can you guess what he did? 

He started claiming that our appointment was for 5 pm and not for 2! It was unacceptable. The guy was blaming ME for not remembering the time of appointment.

That thing alone made the rest of the meeting quite painful. He is too narcissistic to be a finance professional, he should have stayed in software.

After that meeting, I met him a few times later but at those instances too, he was just a disappointment. Everytime he was involved in a matter, he made it worse by his laziness and carelessness. It was painful to work with him.

Finally, when he had a meeting with me, he did the same thing he had done at his first one. He arrived late and started claiming that I had remembered the wrong time. He even told me that I’m “intolerable because of my anger issues”. I fired his company after that rough incident.

I can’t work with a financial advisor who doesn’t respect his customers. He is late to meetings, he forgets crucial details, and he blames others for his fallacies. Obviously, he is a lunatic. Hire him at your own risk. 

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