Intricate Granite & Marble Westampton New Jersey Review


Adrian J Delvalle doing business as Intricate Granite & Marble of 1043 Bergen Ave., Camden, NJ 08105 intentionally stole our $1000.00 deposit we gave him up front supposedly to pay for the slab of granite he needed to buy for our kitchen. This happened on 7/18/2009 and after Adrian Delvalle cashed the check we could no longer reach him by phone and he never called us back. We sued him in the Superior Court of New Jersey Civil Court of Camden County. He never showed up for court so a summons was issued for him for the 2nd court date and he still didn’t show up so we won the case but now we have to go after him to collect. His fathers name is Jose Delvalle. Do not trust this guy he is a liar and a thief.

1043 Bergen Ave., Camden, NJ 08105 Camden, New Jersey United States of America



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By Ronald

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