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This was the second time that I’ve stayed at a weekly hotel. The first time was tolerable, but this time was miserable. A few minutes after check-in we noticed two roaches on the floor of the bathroom. One was twitching, the other was dead. I decided to use one of the “take home”” towels to wipe off the kitchen table in the room before I began to work. This yielded a thick grey coat of gunk. After an hour or so I found the chemical smell to be really bad. Then my eyes started burning. I guess that the smell was bug killer applied liberally by the cleaning crew. A cracked window helped a little

but the room still smelled bad…like someone had did and been left to ripen. At around 6pm the parking lot began to fill up. Within minutes it was hard to have a conversation and hear the person next to me in the room. The walls were paper thin and it didn’t matter if the room next door


or on the other side of the kitchen wall was having a conversation or watching TV it sounded like they were in my room. By 8 or 9 pm the roaches began to arrive. From that time until sun up a trip to the bathroom or kitchen involved an agressive effort to fend off the roaches. Shoes were needed to use the toilet. On a later trip to the bathroom I noticed that the air vent at the top of the room was coated with a thick coat of dust/gunk. The front desk staff seemed to be well researsed in playing games to avoid dealing with unhappy customers. Calling the company’s headquarters or customer care line is an exercise in futility that was not worth the effort. nGuestnCharleston

South CarolinaU.S.A.”

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