Interstate National Dealer Services (INDS) Complaint


Contract was sold to me through a auto loan at AAA as a extended warranty contract and after I incurred problems with the engine, they rebutted the problem as being beyond their contract. I contacted the Attorney Generals at NYS and NC to complain and respectively they claim that this is a Vehicle Service contract. I have reread the contract and I am still amissed as to why my engine was not covered. The expense to replace the engine was almost $3000, a little below what they stated in the contract as expected cost for the average engine replacement. The car was recently in a total loss accident and I am experiencing problems with this company returning the balance on a 4 year contract that was only in service for 21 months. I sent 3 fax”s to their stated fax #, a cancellation form, a insurance and police report of the accident and the total loss of the automobile.

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