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Caller asks for a person by name,,,,when told that person is not at this phone number, caller says " that’s ok ,,maybe you can help me"…then proceeds to state his name "John Conner with the National Police and Troopers Association" along with a description of who the organization helps and supports,,caller claims this is a national organization….,offers to send a subscription donation card for your donation.(.this would have meant that he would need my address to send the request for donation to)..,,,he continued with letting me know that there was a donation scale of different amounts that could be made, and which amount would I like to pay…..I responded by saying , if I choose to donate, I will contact the organization directly….and then I hung up…I did a quick search on the internet,,,,all I came up with is notices of a scam in different areas of the US pertaining to the so called "national Police and Troopers Association" ,,,so I chose to report it to BBB….seems there are other reports that have been made..

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By Ronald

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