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This online-based pharmaceutical supplier overcharged me for bogus shipping services, refused to apply a discount that I clearly entered when making my purchase, and also may have been responsible for the theft of my debit card number due to insecure methods in place on their website. To be completely transparent, this was a supplier I had been ordering Accutane from. I placed three previous orders with no incident, under standard shipping requests and no discounts applied. However, the final order was different: I placed my final order on March 2, 2017, for which I applied a 10% discount during the checkout process. I received an email confirmation for the order showing a total of $128.25. However, I was charged $137.29 on my bank statement which made it clear that the discount was not applied. (NOTE: This did not include a separate international fee, which I am familiar with from this company and other companies.) Additionally, I requested courier/expedited shipping on the final order for an additional $20, which was NOT upheld. Quite honestly, it should not have even been an option on the website because it was clearly not achievable for this company to rush a package across seas. The packages had previously come from various countries, including Canada, so my assumption was that this may be viable. However, this particular package was fulfilled from Russia to the US, meaning no expedited option was actually available. When the package did finally arrive 3+ weeks later (processed March 2nd, arrived March 27th), there was no indication whatsoever of expedited shipping on the label, or in the cost. It had arrived no faster than the previous items I ordered, which were shipped via regular air mail. I reached out to their customer support email, which is based in India, asking for a refund of the overcharged shipping costs and non-applied discount. I provided all of my proof, including the email confirmation compared to a snapshot of my bank account charge, and an outline of how the package was not rushed any faster than previous packages. English is obviously not their first language, and they continued to copy and paste the same responses back to me stating that I needed to apply the discount upon checkout (which I clearly did), and sending me a link to the USPS tracker. They also argued that the delay in receiving the package was all due to US customs. It’s understood that there’s a delay with customs, but not explained why it them until March 13th (as per the email I received) to dispatch the package on their end, when clearly I paid extra for expedited shipping. Again, no faster than the other packages, and if not possible, it should not have been an option. I warned them explicitly that I would be raising reports against their business if they didn’t refund me the $29.04 – and here we are. As a final (but not to be overlooked) note, my debit card number was stolen while doing business with this company. I don’t do a great deal of online shopping, and when I do, I use Paypal or another secure method. So although I can’t prove that this company was responsible for my card being hacked, I do firmly believe it.

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