International Nurses Association Pottstown Pennsylvania


Complaint: Over six months ago a representative from this organization called to congratuate me on my nursing career, and told me all about this incredible publication that I would be featured in. Thought it was some kind of honorable thing, but then I was offered price points for full, half, and quarter page exposure. I thought, you gotta be kidding me. The sales person then offered to include me for free online as a sponsored member, with a month of free membership, which included access to journal publications and jobs. Sounded nice, so I agreed and provided all my information. Securing it with a credit card was my mistake. After two months, I had clearly forgotten about this, my credit card started being charged $34.95. I finished my bachelor’s classes, got a new job, moved across the country, and life generally got in the way before I noticed my credit card bill was being charged. November, December, January, Feburary, March, all went by until I finally noticed the pending April transaction and contacted the organization immediately. Despite having never logged into their website or utilized any of the unknown membership “benefits

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Address: “” the rep I spoke with refused to refund the dues. I argued that I never signed anything

Website: I would have hung up on them as soon as they called me six months ago. What a SCAM!! I am going to have to rely on my bank to reverse the transactions.”

Phone: never received anything in the mail

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By Ronald

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