Internal Revenue System


On 7/4/19, I received a phone call from this number informing me that I my social security number had been suspended due to fraudulent activity. I was given the option to remain on the line and speak with a representative. I received two subsequent calls from the same number on 7/5/19, informing me of the same information. This time I stayed on the line to screw with the scammer. The scammer indicated that I would be arrested within 45 minutes if I did not cooperate since several law enforcement agencies were involved. The scammer stated that there were legal charges pending against me in regards to activity of 25 bank accounts in my name. Scammer asked for my name, address, and last four of my SSN. All info I gave the scammer was false. Scammer then asked how many bank accounts I had in my name and when I refused to provide this info she stated that she was stating that I was indeed the account holder of the 25 accounts and then hung up on me. She identified herself as Officer Elle Cooper badge 417J2741.

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