Intercontinental Capital Group – Dishonest Practice

This is a dishonest practice. They use a lot of tactics to get your information to check your credit score. I am very uncomfortable with this because I do not have the best history and it is often used to manipulate. This company was not shy about it. They tricked me into believing theye=were associated with the FHA. Once they had my information I got a call every day, every hour, on the hour. I was a little irritated because I wanted to decide on my own terms which loan was best for me. I ended up going with ICG because they promised me a lot of o perks. I am very unhappy with this place and the way that they handled everything. They kept stalling in giving me the loan. It was one thing after another that they needed or me. They j=kept telling me that I needed to claim things as a gift? Something just did not seem right here. They seemed to be draining my pockets. I decided not to follow through with them. When I notified the loan officer, he was rude and aggressive, telling me I am wasting my time going elsewhere and I will never get approved.Well, guess what, I got approved last week with another company and things are moving along ten times faster than Intercontinental Capital Group ever did. Do not work with this company.

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